Nano Box

Online Privacy Made Simple

Parental control & Tracking blocking software for protecting the activities of your family online.

Are you concerned about the privacy of your personal online information? 

Although most people are aware that there are dangers on the internet, they don’t realize just how many dangers there are. Internet ads can be very sneaky and invasive. Webbybox is a parental control software in a box that is designed to help keep you and your family safe from the dangers of the internet.

It works by filtering out internet ads that may be malicious or may be used to target your search history in order to deliver ads that are more likely to catch your attention. It also works by blocking adult content and other undesirable content. Webbybox has a convenient web-based interface that allows you to control the settings from any computer with an internet connection.

Why Do You Need It?

The Nanobox is the perfect parental control device for computer users of all ages. In today’s society the internet has become a staple in almost every home. The problem is that with all the benefits of the internet there are also a lot of dangers.

What Is it?

The Nanobox is a pre-configured software and hardware solution to controlling the access to the internet while providing a safe and functional computer for your children and whole family to use.

There are many companies on the internet that claim they can help you control what you and your family can access on the internet with their software, but the truth is that you don’t know where your data is being stored. It is purely a business decision by these companies to create parental control software that you have to pay for. Nanobox, on the other hand, uses free, open source piece of software that is easy to configure and operate. It gives you complete control over what your children can access on the web, all the data is stored on your box and not on the cloud where someone else may have access to your data.